"John The Handyman" (512) 720-9522 - Testimonials - Lago Vista, TX
"John The Handyman"  (512) 720-9522   - Proudly Serving Lago Vista, TX

"It has been my pleasure for the past 6 years to know and work with John Hoover. He has done a myriad of plumbing jobs for my companies and me personally. I have resolved that I will ALWAYS call John first. He is very knowledgeable, fast, and resourceful."
~ Ron Hatfield - Pleasant Grove, UT 
"As a plumber, John is thorough, efficient and effective in getting the job done, all while maintaining fair and competitive pricing. (I personally will not use any one else for my plumbing or maintenance needs.) As a person, John is one of the most integrous people I know. He is adept at making sure that others’ needs are met, without sacrificing the needs of himself or his family. He is honest, kind, considerate, and empathetic. His character is genuinely without blemish". 
~ Crystal Miller - Orem, UT
“I have worked with Atlas Maintenance for years. They have been an invaluable resource in maintaining my rental properties, my home and the home of my aging parents. They are knowledgeable, fast and dependable. I can think of no one else that I would trust more with the maintenance needs of my business and family. I have never been anything but 100% satisfiedwith their work, and neither will you!”
~Thomas Caradine - SLC, UT
"Whenever I have a plumbing, heating or cooling issue, which is quite often since I manage apartments that are quite old, I call John. He is an expert who only charges what is fair. It's reassuring to know I'm getting quality service at a good price. I appreciate all Atlas Maintenance does to make my job easier."
Kelsey Nolte Lindon Ut
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